Pro / Custom 22 Gauge Washboard"Shoulder Edge Trim Model"

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  • The Authentic Original Pro/Custom 22 Gauge Washboard for the Professional Washboard player. 

  • Much time an effort is spent on hand smoothing and polishing all edges."SHOULDER EDGE TRIM MODEL"

  • Special rib bending process used for that one of a kind Key of Z Resonate Sound.

  • " I am proud to be a positive role model for other Rubboard makers. They copy my designs and products, but not the magic I handcraft into each board. Come get a piece of Louisiana Music History - Original boards by Key of Z Rubboards!"

  • Each Key of Z Rubboard is dated,signed,and numbered.

  • Playing area 19 inches Long X 13 1/4 inches Wide.

  • 31 Hand bent ribs for that one of a kind Key of Z Rubboard resonate sound!

  • The Pro/Custom 22 also has 16 dimples hand embossed for enhanced sound and looks.

  • This Rubboard will last the average player a lifetime. 

  • The Key of Z Pro/Custom 22 is the board of choice for top players in the music business. 

  • Made from the highest Quality Stainless Steel. 

  • Key of Z Rubboards AKA , Washboards,Frottoir,scrubboard, are the original makers of the washboard as we know them today, Tee Don is the son of Willie Landry who designed and created the first over the shoulder Frottoir for Clifton & Cleveland Chenier in 1946 in Port Arthur ,Texas. Key of Z rubboards are also in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, and many other museums around the world. Key of Z Rubboads have been made for many artist such as , ZZ Top, Kid Rock, Rihanna, and many many others. Own a piece of history. Medium pitch. 

  • Tee Don custom handcrafts every Rubboard as they are ordered. 

  •  My Rubboards are finished the old fashioned way, the way we have been doing it since 1946,by rubbing the edges with a finishing stone. Then I buff out the edges with scuffing pads for a nice clean smooth edge.

  • Tee Don is a proud member of the Louisiana Crafts Guild.