Making Rubboards

 The first step in making my rubboards is to start with a flat piece of high grade stainless steel, like this piece shown here.

In the second photo you can see that I have made my bends. The bends are the most important part of the process.
In the third photo I am cutting out the area for the shoulder straps. After I finish cutting, then I have to smooth everything out so there are no sharp edges or burrs.
In the forth photo, I have completed my bending and cutouts, smoothing out all the rough edges. Now I need to bend the shoulder straps.
In the fifth photo, I have put my signature designs on the rubboard, bent the shoulder straps, signed the back of the board with my name, the day it was made, my address, the number of the rubboard, my copyright, and trademark information, cleaned it up, and it is ready to ship out to you.