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Plain  Mini Zydeco Washboard Percussion Instrument Washboard
Key of Z Rubboards

Plain Mini Zydeco Washboard Percussion Instrument Washboard

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  • The Authentic Original Patent Pending Plain Tee Don Washboard is the newest and most exciting percussion instrument to hit the market! " This is not a full size rubboard it is a mini version 6x9 inches".
  • " I am proud to be a positive role model for other Rubboard makers. They copy my designs and products, but not the magic I handcraft into each board. Come get a piece of Louisiana Music History - Original boards by Key of Z Rubboards!"
  • Tee Don designed this Frottoir with everyone in mind. 
  • Want a great sounding, great playing rubboard, on a budget? The Tee Don Board is for you! 
  • Want a rubboard that's small, light, and easy to carry? The Tee Don Board is for you! 
  • Want a rubboard that shows your personality, team loyalty or logo? The Tee Don Board is for you! 
  • Want a Washboard to add to your drum playing? The Tee Don Board is for you! 
  • Want a rubboard to take to your favorite sporting event? The Tee Don Board is for you! 
  • Want a rubboard for a gift to a loved one, colleague, customer? The Tee Don Board is for you! 
  • Want a Scrubboard made by the master maker, Tee Don, on a budget? The Tee Don Board is for you! 
  • Want a unique, handcrafted, collectible piece of Louisiana History? The Tee Don Board is for you! 
  • The Tee Don Board measures just 6 x 10 inches, is very light, and easy to carry around, YET IT SOUNDS & PLAYS LIKE A REAL ZYDECO RUBBOARD, BECAUSE IT IS ONE! 
  • The Tee Don Board hangs around your neck on a leather cord, and is adjustable to assure a comfortable fit. In the early days of Zydeco, Cleveland Chenier played an old fashioned Washboard hung around his neck with a rope. 
  • The Tee Don Board was designed with that first Washboard in mind. 
  • The Tee Don Board is based on Tee Don's legendary rubboard design, materials and sound qualities The Tee Don Board is perfect for jamming with your friends, tailgating, practicing, and is great for drummers who want to add the Zydeco Rubboard to their drum kits for percussion. 

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Product

The mini rubboard was exactly as shown, has a great sound, came earlier than expected, and is even engraved with the date it was made for me! I love it!

Thank you!! Glad you like it. Tee Don

Gilbert DiCenzo
Purchased a Mini Washboard/Rubboard

Tee Don makes a great product. He can see his craftsmanship and time Don puts into his instruments. I use this on our Zydeco songs with my band.

Thank you!!

Troy Lilley


Thank you!!

John Freeland
Mini washboard, big sound

I was concerned this would be too small to work very well, but was pleasantly surprised that there is in fact enough area to move around for a variety of rhythms and textures. The mini washboard is hand etched on the back with "made by Tee Don" and the date it was made. These details will likely make this item a collectable at some point in the future. Service was friendly and personable, with a note from the man, Tee Don, himself. Laissez le bon temps rouler!

Thank you very much I am glad you are enjoying your Mini Board. Tee Don

Christina Matthews
I like it! Thought it

I like it! Thought it would be a bit larger, but, I am having fun playing along with old jug and string band CD's, and, If I get any good at it, I am gonna buy a bigger size. I am using thimbles for now, until I can figure out how to use the paint-can-dealies. * Love the "made by" inscription, and the board itself lends huge panache, just resting on it's hook, by the CD shelves. Thanks for your excellent work.

Thank you enjoy your new board. Tee Don