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The first Frottoir to be used strictly as a musical instrument, was born from that historical, chance encounter between a now famous, Creole musician and a Cajun metal craftsman. The story of this historic musical invention remained a quiet, respectfully-held source of family pride for the Landry family with connection to the Cheniers for more than fifty years. And now, the time had come to historically record this event, Tee Don and his mother, Ms. Myrtis Landry, and CJ Chenier, Mr. Clifton's son are the sole surviving keepers of this story. To this day, Tee Don Landry continues the valued tradition first established by his father in 1946. All " Key of Z" (TM) Rubboards are still shaped and finished by hand.

Tee Don, is from Lafayette,LA and was born in Port Arthur,Texas, in 1957. His mother and father moved back to Lafayette when he was only Three years old. He is a local musician, deeply rooted in both Zydeco & Cajun music. His heritage and strong commitment to preserving a very unique musical instrument, results in the high quality production of " Key of Z" Rubboards. Today Tee Don's stainless steel, musical Rubboards are in demand around the world. Every rubboard is numbered and registered. Many of the leading Zydeco band members and celebrities have a " Key of Z", musical Rubboard. Such as "Billy F Gibbons" of ZZ Top,Kid Rock,"Buckwheat Zydeco""C.J. Chenier", "Chubby Carrier", "Zydeco Joe", Cyril Neville of the famous "Neville Brothers", David Peters drummer for "Gatemouth Brown", Richard Innes drummer for "The Fabulous Thunderbirds", Dan Tomlinson drummer for Lyle Lovette, Earl Sally Rubboard Man for Chubby Carrier, "Boo Zoo Chavis", " Caveman" with Geno Delafose Band, " Mojo and the Bayou Gypies" , The Solecrackers ,Virgil Brawley with The Juvenators , Roger Kennedy, drummer for Amanda Shaw ,   Ralph Fontenot, Washboard man for,    Terrance  SimienRocking Dopsie,Elvin Bishop,R&B Superstar Rihanna,Just to name a few. In addition to the full size, musical Rubboard, a miniature, decorative "Tee Board (tm)" (copyright registered) replica, can also be purchased. The Tee Boards make great gifts and good conversation pieces for placement on mantels, tables or desk tops.

Enjoy playing one of these amazing instruments or simply enjoy owning a piece of Zydeco Music History! Contact Tee Don for your own frottoir! 
Member of : Louisiana Crafts Guild , Louisiana Division of the Arts.

Billy F. Gibbons , of ZZ Top says," the Frottoir (ie.) Rubboard is one of only four musical instruments invented in the United States".
Tee Don is still making the musical instrument his father, Mr. Willie J. Landry helped to invent back in 1946. Each Rubboard is hand crafted one at a time, as well as being numbered and registered.