" The Industry Standard Since 1946"

Often imitated, never duplicated , Key of Z Rubboards have been the industry standard since 1946. The tradition and quality continues on today better than ever with a sound that could only be Key of Z. Listen to any Zydeco song from 1946 through today and chances are you're hearing a Key of Z Rubboard.

Key of Z Rubboards are the most toured and recorded Rubboards in the world and with good reason. From the smooth edge perfection to the one of a kind ribs and sound,Key of Z Rubboards are in a league of their own.

Tee Don, premiere player and maker of the Frottoir, makes rubboards in the tradition of his father, Mr. Willie Landry, the original maker of the first rubboard for Cleveland Chenier in Port Arthur, Tx in 1946. Key of Z Rubboards are the only Washboards in the Smithsonian Institute Washington D.C. and museums around the world. Known for there high quality and one of a kind sound.

As a true craftsman, I believe there is room for anyone and everyone to create their own art, and let the world speak to their quality.  The most important opinion is YOURS! I let the thousands of musicians around the world, playing my rubboards, speak for the quality, craftsmanship and value of my creations.  And, I let my rubboards speak for themselves in the comparison videos right on my website.There are many rubboard makers.  There is only one Key of Z, often imitated.  I worked very hard for many years to earn your respect, and honor my Father's legacy. When you invest in a rubboard, please consider enjoying a piece of history, a Key of Z Rubboard, and share my family tradition with yours. Key of Z Rubboards, played and honored worldwide, for a reason.  I'd be honored if you play one, too! Merci beaucoup! Tee Don Landry  Rest assured, my Rubboards are made of the highest quality Stainless Steel and are non Magnetic . I only use the very highest commercial grade alloy Stainless Steel, for that one of a kind sound. With a high content of Chrome, the board will not rust or corrode. Along with the nice Grain running the width of the board, you get that shine & beauty under the stage lights. You will be proud to wear and play my rubboards. That is my promise to you! There is a reason why I have sold thousands of them since my father, together with Clifton & Cleveland Chenier back in 1946, designed the Rubboard with shoulder straps  as we know them today. I stand behind my products 150% . I always have and always will. Thank you for your business,Tee Don.

" I am proud to be a positive role model for other Rubboard makers. They copy my designs and products, but not the magic nor the history I handcraft into each board. Come get a piece of Louisiana Music History - Original boards by Key of Z Rubboards!".My Rubboards are finished the old fashioned way,the way we have been doing it since 1946 by rubbing the edges with a finishing stone. Then I buff out the edges with scuffing pads for a nice clean smooth edge. 

"Experience The Difference"!